This is my project from the winter of 2002-2003.  I decided that the jeep was too small and needed some more wheelbase.  I got a commando frame from a friend in my club and started to work.  I had also decided that it would be nice to put together a softer suspension.  I used long offset  springs from a dodge dakota on the rear and durango leafs in the front.  This resulted in a suspension somewhat like the holbrook long leaf setup for about $40 a spring

01012003EngineIn.jpg 01012003enginetranny.jpg 01012003FrontLeft.jpg 01012003FrontRight.jpg 01012003FrontSuspension.jpg
01012003Rear.jpg 01012003RightSide.jpg 01052003RightFront.jpg 01052003RightSide1.jpg 01052003RightSide2.jpg
01052003RightSide3.jpg 01222003 001s.jpg 01222003 002s.jpg 01222003 003s.jpg 01222003 004s.jpg
02222003rear.jpg 02222003seatmounts.jpg 02222003Side.jpg 02222003Side2.jpg 02222003Side3.jpg