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Few pictures from the build process.  Basically it started out as a pretty stock 2.5L YJ with an AX5 tranny.  Swapped in an AW4 auto from a cherokee, 4" BDS lift springs, explorer 8.8, 35" tires, etc.  Your standard YJ build.


Couple pics:

When I got it

Moved the motor about 7" forward, you get a nice lift out of it too.

The mythical 2.5L AW4

TJ flares on

Rats nest of AW4Shifter

AW4 and 231 in - Nutter clocked the adaptor for me so it's up nice and high

Modified Lokar for the aw4

Link to some pictures of the modified TF999 flexplate that I used with the aw4
Needs bigger tires now

Welded in some rim stiffeners so that the 767's don't get mushed like my last set

Tail lights from a Humvee

Front bumper from a Humvee welded to a cheap winch plate

Looks better with the new tires

Time to do some tube work - first a tire carrier

Next some grill protection

Then time for some cage work

Little Sniper Fab rocker protection

Blew up a flexplate and it took the AW4 with it

Time to do a full rebuild